Creative Dashboard for your Ads
iBuyer collects ads data from different ad accounts, matches it and finds ways to improve campaigns
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How is it different to Creative Reporting?
We are aware of Facebook problems and have developed a tool that eases pain
Different accounts
We collect data on images and videos from your ad accounts. It doesn't matter, whether you use 2 or 102 of them. Meanwhile in Facebook's Creative Reporting you could process data only from one account.
Compare with prevous period
Check the creative performance through time comparing various time periods.
Compare with other ad accounts
See how differently the same creatives work on separate ad accounts and compare its perfomance.
Works with trackers
Tired of checking trackers to get the final results? We match data from tracking systems like Appsflyer, Adjust, Kochava & Branch and use it in our dashboard for comparison.
Custom metrics
Create your own customized metrics to track creative's performance on Facebook.
How it Works
As you know Facebook uses unique image hash for every Image even if they perform in different advertising account and Business Managers.
After we consolidate this data within Facebook we match it with the data from tracking systems and demonstrate it using dashboards.
What about Video?
As you know Facebook doesn't use unique hash for video files. Not a problem!

We check video's metadata like duration, filename, dimensions, size, etc and match within these parameters.
You could use it for free and help us improve!