Automation for your Ads automates your ads to unlock greater performance, reduce spend and scale up your marketing efforts on Facebook & Instagram.
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How is it different to Facebook Automation?
We are aware of Facebook problems and have developed a tool that eases pain
Multi – Accounting
Use only one rule for different campaigns, adsets, ads from different accounts from different Business Managers!
You can make rules as much as you want, but you can make only one rule! It's a simple!
Duplicating Campaigns/Ad Sets/Ads
You can make copies for your good campaigns and increase performance.
Make from 1 to 100 copies and scale your campaigns
2 Scaling Tactics
iBuyer has Horizontal and Vertical scaling tactics for increase your ROAS and perform better!
All actions in one automation
Создавайте одно, два, три, десять действия для одних событий. Это может быть, например, копирование с последующим изменением ставки, бюджета или остановке объектов рекламы.
Frequency: from 15 min to 7 days
Check conditions for rules as soon as possible! From 15 min to 7 days. Use alerts and to be aware
200+ Conditions
Choose metrics and some settings from your ads objects. More than 200 conditions wait you!
What does it cost?
Make an order for a week or just for 1 day and get free delivery
Double set
A lunch set for a week / 2 persons
- Unlimited number of accounts
- Unlimited Ad Spend (per month)
- Automate wizard
- Scoring for automate
- Creative dashboard
- Chat Support

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