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Social Ad Intelligence
In just 10 minutes, you will get actionable insights to improve your advertising efforts on Facebook & Instagram
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• Available only for Facebook Ad Accounts with access to view performance
Proved in practice for the world's best
Check performance of your marketing efforts by
Measure the overall success of your Facebook advertising efforts and explore areas for potential improvement
Get a glance at performance of your creatives on Facebook & Instagram with the interactive insights
Find out which of the settings' updates made on your ad account delivered the best results and get a breakdown of them
Discover the efficiency of the targeting applied on your campaigns and reveal whether they reach most of the audience
Reveal the effectiveness of your strategies in terms of bidding and choice of ad objectives with our scoring based on CPM results
Analyse whether you choose placements and ad formats in an efficient way with our insightful dashboards
Actionable insights for industries
Mobile Apps
Games, Fintess etc
Dropship, Travel etc
Forex, Banks etc
SMB & SME Solutions
Get a free score to improve your advertising efforts on Facebook & Instagram
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